John Farrar
Cornwall, England

8 June 2018
My 160m HWV is now up and after some trial and error with wire length the swr is 2:1 at 1825Khz.  That is the best I could get. I have connected the ground to the ground system of my Butterrnut vertical , 36 x 30 foot radials. I need to use quite a bit of inductance with my Palstar atu but can get the swr down to 1:1. Late this evening will be the test when the band is more active. I will keep you posted and send you some photos in due course

Managed 3 QSOs last evening, 1 with another G about 300 miles away, a OE portable and EI with 589 so OK so far.I checked the SWR again this morning and the lowest swr point had moved lower, for some reason, but much better. So I trimmed a few inches off the wire and the result is as in the image. Looks like this will be a keeper. Thank you for your design and time over this.

John, G3UCQ