eQSL Gallery

This section is a collection of Electronic QSL Cards. These "Cards" were received over the internet using the service provided by http://www.eQSL.cc

Click on a country name below to see what an eQSL card looks like. Current eQSL Count = 123

Currently, electronic QSL cards cannot be used for ARRL DXCC credit. However, they can be used for several other awards.

Afghanistan China Honduras Nicaragua Slovenia
Anguilla Christmas Is Hong Kong Ogasawara South Korea
Antigua-Barbuda Colombia Hungary Pakistan South Shetland I
Argentina Costa Rica Iceland Palau Spain
Aruba Croatia India Panama St. Lucia
Australia Cuba Indonesia Papua New Guinea St. Pierre-Miq.
Austria Czech Republic Ireland Paraguay Svalbard
Azores Dem. Rep. of Congo Isle of Man Peru Swaziland
Bahamas Dodecanese Italy Phillipines Sweden
Balearic Is Dominican Republic Jamaica Pitcairn Is Switzerland
Barbados England Japan Poland Taiwan
Belarus Estonia Kazakhstan Portugal Thailand
Belgium Falkland Is Kuwait Puerto Rico The Gambia
Belize Fiji Laos Qatar Trinidad & Tobago
Bolivia Finland Latvia Romania Turks & Caicos Is.
Bonaire-Curacao France Lithuania Russia-Asiatic Ukraine
Botswana Gabon Luxembourg Russia-European United Arab Em.
Brazil Germany Maderia Is Saint Martin United States
British Virgin Is Grenada Malta Samoa Uruguay
Brunei Greece Marshall Is Sardinia Venezuela
Bulgaria Guadeloupe Mexico Scotland Virgin Is
Canada Guam Morocco Senegal Wales
Canary Is Guantanamo Bay Netherlands Serbia West Malaysia
Cape Verde Guatemala New Caledonia Singapore  
Chile Hawaii New Zealand Slovak Republic  

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