K6MM Callsign History
A Tribute To Bill Marcum

According to FCC records, the K6MM callsign was first issued on October 15, 1968 to Mr. William Marcum of Mountainview, California. The callsign first appeared in the Fall 1969 issue of the Radio Amateur Callbook Magazine.

When I passed my Extra Class license examination in July, 2005, I decided to apply for a new vanity callsign. Through a mutual friend, I learned that Bill Marcum had become a Silent Key in April, 2003.

I then met with Bill's wife Mitzi Marcum in Mountainview, CA to see if they wanted to keep the callsign within the family. After determining they no longer had any interest in ham radio, I was given permission to apply for it. On July 8, 2005, the FCC assigned K6MM to me.

Bill Marcum was a highly regarded electronics engineer in the defense industry. He worked for several Silicon Valley companies, made many important contributions, and held several patents. During my conversations with Mrs. Marcum, I learned that her husband had many interests beside ham radio, including being a glider pilot.

This page is my tribute to him. I am honored to be able to put his callsign, K6MM, back on the air again.

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